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Front Desk Specialist - Dental

Posted: 06/23/2024

JOB TITLE:                Front Desk Specialist - Dental                       
SUPERVISOR:          Office Manager                      
DEPARTMENT:        Administration


The purpose of this position is to coordinate all aspects of a patient’s visit to Broad Top Area Medical Center, Inc. with respect to front desk, medical records, referral duties, insurance validation, and prior authorizations as outlined in the guidelines which have been established by the Medical Director/Dental Director. 


Receptionist/Scheduler Duties:
  1. Welcome patients and visitors in a professional manner to the medical office; answer inquiries or refer questions to other staff members.
  2. Schedule appointments for dentist and dental hygienists to optimize patient satisfaction, provider time, and most effective utilization of examining and treatment rooms.
  3. Confirm appointments; schedule new patients; schedule call-backs and recall appointments; follow-up with no-show appointments.
  4. Register patients, update demographic and insurance information within EHR, collect payments, and generate receipts.
  5. Verify custodial authority for all patients under the age of 18.
  6. Evaluate and update patient’s financial status for possible sliding fee eligibility; coordinate with SFS Coordinator.
  7. Maintain and balance cash box daily; coordinate with finance department as instructed for end-of-day reporting.
  8. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide assistance appropriate to the age of patients ranging from youth to geriatric related to dental care services.
  9. Run and/or review monthly recall lists and other related reports to optimize scheduling and registration process.
  10. Maintain reception area in neat and orderly condition, at all times.
  11. Telephone management to regulate call volume, messages, and office coordination to support smooth operation of the front office.
Medical Records Duties:
  1. Maintain patient records in a professional manner with confidentiality; update EHR accordingly to reflect accurate patient records.
  2. Transfer medical records as requested, according to written policy and procedures.
  3. Scans and maintains medical records for dental practice within EHR; maintains standards set by policy and workflow to ensure compliance.
  4. Deliver charts as requested; coordination of care among providers internally and externally.
  5. Attaches incoming correspondence and forms for disability, workman’s compensation and other third-party requests, as well as reports from physician referrals, outpatient sources and other related data, to the patient medical record and appropriately distributes to providers.
Insurance Verification and Pre-Determinations:
  1. Conduct insurance verifications to validate active insurance information, payor status, and related information necessary for all patients.
  2. Initiate and complete pre-determinations/prior authorizations necessary based on patient treatment plan and healthcare provider recommendations; provide supporting documentation as necessary via EHR review and provider collaboration.
  3. Document pre-determinations/prior authorizations within EHR; coordinate with healthcare provider if necessary for additional documentation or treatment recommendations.
  4. Confirm pre-determinations/prior authorizations and schedule related care in timely fashion to ensure compliant with authorization and healthcare provider schedule.
  5. Coordinate with billing staff to ensure accurate records and authorizations related to patient care to maximize reimbursement.
  6. Run and/or review reports related to pre-determinations/prior authorizations to compliance.
Patient Referral Duties:
  1. Receive patient or guardian authorization for needed referral. Provider will indicate time frame for referral. Coordinate with fellow staff for referral assistance if needed. Make referral for specialist consult or schedule appointment with ancillary department(s).
  2. Interview patient or guardian for needed personal and billing data, transportation needs, and other relevant information pertaining to health care needs and financial aspects.
  3. Complete referral forms as necessary; provides patient or guardian with all needed information and/or forms.
  4. Log all referrals for quality review per dental practice workflows as monitored by Office Manager.  Any referrals done by other staff members, must be logged and sent to referral office.
  5. File referral correspondence in the appropriate section of the medical record chart, after dental provider review.  Log receipt of all correspondence for referral completion and quality review.
  6. Maintain knowledge on all current insurance policies a specialist or ancillary department will accept and participates with. Maintain appropriate files.
General Position Duties:
  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of patients ranging from youth to geriatric.
  2. Office coordination in conjunction with Office Manager to ensure efficient office functions including supplies, scheduling, and patient management.
  3. Other related duties as assigned by supervisor.
  1. High school diploma, post-high school education encouraged.
  2. Medical/dental office experience/skills
  3. Excellent customer service skills
  4. Knowledge of medical terminology and dental procedures and codes
  5. Good communication skills with all levels of personnel; maintain professional code of conduct as outlined in employee handbook.
  6. Knowledge of computers and general office equipment; experience with EHR specific to dental field of practice.
  7. Experience with dental billing: pre-determinations/prior authorizations, insurance verification, dental billing and claim submission.

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